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Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, Finland, https://www.omnia.fi/

Sami Kollanus

Sami Kollanus has been working at Omnia since 2020 as teacher in leadership and management training programs. He has experience both in VET and higher education. His work is focus on further training with adults and his special interests in the project include educational technologies.  

Oona Haapakorpi

Ms Haapakorpi is a senior lecturer of Food Production at Omnia and she has a Master’s degree in of Hospitality Management, she has also attained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies and The Vocational Special Needs Teacher Education Studies, and a B.Sc. Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Her expertise is in implementation of new innovative teaching and digital learning methods.  

Mika Heino

Mr Heino is an Expert of International Activities in Omnia, Espoo (Finland). He has a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management. He has been working with various international projects and student mobility now for 14 years. Previously he worked as a lecturer of Restaurant Business in Omnia Adult Education Centre. Mr Heino is the coordinator of the VET2Sustain project. 

Katariina Lankinen

Katariina Lankinen is a teacher at Omnia in social and health care. She is a teacher of practical nurses and teaches how to promote client’s functionality, ergonomics, occupational safety and how to maintain work ability. In VET2Sustain project Katariina is participating in work packages 1, 4 and 6.  

Email: katariina.lankinen@omnia.fi 

Kari Saarelma

I work as a training manager in the fields of mechanical engineering as well as security at Omnia. Previously, I have held similar positions in logistics, hotel and restaurant as well as health care.  I am particularly interested in developing vocational education so that it supports each student´s own growth. 


MUOVA / Research and development centre of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Finland, https://www.muova.fi/

Tanja Oraviita

Tanja Oraviita MA (Master of Arts) works at MUOVA as a project manager for international projects. She is responsible for planning and managing international projects as well as bringing design and creative perspectives to international projects. 

Anne-Mari Tornberg

Anne-Mari Tornberg MA (Master of Arts) works as a designer and expert at MUOVA. She holds a Master’s degree in Interaction Design and is specialised and experienced in usability design and user-centred design. 


Kainuu Vocational College, Finland https://www.kao.fi/

Virpi Raatesalmi

A lector on the field of Business and Administration and international co-ordinator at the Kainuu Vocational College in Kuusamo. Virpi has been teaching since 2007 and she has been involved in to the mobilities various ways during the teaching career as well on her own studies since 1994.

Virpi Kaasinen

A Social and Health techer at Kainuu Vocational College. She has been a member of the KAO International team for almost 14 years, and student and staff mobility and various international projects have been an important part of her work. Throughout her career, she has done a lot of international cooperation in various forms.

Tarja Huovinen

 a lector on the field of Business and Administration and international co-ordinator at the Kainuu Vocational College in Kajaani. Tarja has teached since 2009 and she has been a member of the KAO International team for 10 years. Student mobility and international projects have been an important part of her work. 

Risto Virkkunen

International Coordinator in Kainuu Vocational College. He has worked in Vocational Education and Training since 1987. First 18 years he worked as teacher and head of education in land-based education. Since 2006 he participated and coordinated various mobility and partnership project in Erasmus+ and other EU programs. 


VAMIA, Vaasa, Finland https://vamia.fi/ 

Katarina Sandbacka


Brahe Education Centre, Raahe, Finland https://www.brahe.fi/

Mira Torvinen-Määttä

Mira Torvinen-Määttä works as Brahe Education Centre´s marketing and communication designer. She has a Master of Arts degree (graphic design, marketing), and strong work experience in advertising, marketing and communications. He also has a vocational teacher degree and 10 years of experience as a vocational teacher. Mira is responsible for communication and dissemination in the VET2Sustain project. 


Vocational college Samiedu, Savonlinna, Finland https://samiedu.fi/

Anne-Mari Behm

Mrs Anne-Mari Behm is an Expert of International Activities and learning technologies in Samiedu Vocational College in Savonlinna, Finland. She has a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management, she has studied nature sciences, work psychology and pedagogy. She has been working with various international projects and student mobility for 10 years. Previously she worked 12 years as a lecturer of Tourism services in Samiedu. Samiedu is coordinating work package 6 together with Luovi. 

Anne-Mari is Samiedu’s representative and project manager for the VET2sustain project. In this project Samiedu aims to promote the reputation of VET and to ensure that both primary school students and adults interested in lifelong learning have access to sufficient information about VET. Samiedu is also interested in the use of VR and AR technology to enhance the attractiveness of VET.  

Kirsi Laine

Kirsi Laine is responsible for the development of student administration services and transactions, as well as digitalization of these functions. She is also responsible of maintaining and developing student administration software´s user interface. Kirsi Laine has 20 years of work experience in a software company, where she has worked in several different positions related to software implementation projects. 

Sami Pirhonen

  • senior expert of interactive & digital platforms 
  • About 22 years of experience of vocational education 
  • I have worked as an wood technology teacher for about 14 years. Now I am working in several projects as an senior expert of digital interactive environments and platforms.  
  • I work with students and teachers almost every day, planning and making different kind of materials to make learning easier, effective and more interesting. 
  • I like sports, listening to music and playing drums. And of course eating is also one of my favorite things. 

email sami.pirhonen@samiedu.fi  

tel. +358445506254 


Luovi Vocational College, Finland https://luovi.fi/

Mari Kontturi

Mari Kontturi has over 20 years’ experience in internationalisation of VET. She works at Luovi Vocational College as Manager of International Affairs. She is experienced in project management,  strategy work as well as in Peer review.  

In VET2Sustain I am responsible for the overall management of the project in Luovi. 


Alfa-College, Netherlands

Alfa-college, Netherlands https://www.alfa-college.nl/

André Pape 

Functional Specialist Educational Logistics Coordinator i-coaches 

Key-team member Npuls, Responsible for XR, Digital Learning resources and Educational Technology 

MBO Raad

MBO Raad, Netherlands https://www.mboraad.nl/

Bob Klaasen

My name is Bob Klaasen. I am a policy advisor for the Technology and Built Environment sector at the MBO Raad, an organization that represents more than 50 VAT schools in The Netherlands. We engage in advocacy, knowledge sharing and innovative projects. 

Mirjam van den Broek

Senior Policy Advisor at the MBO Raad (the Dutch association of (57) VET colleges in the Netherlands). 

She is responsible for International affairs and projects for all member-schools with Technology courses, President from INNOTECS (The International organisation of Technical Schools with 75 European members) and member of euhofa (association of hotel school directors and deans of hospitality colleges and universities with more than 200 International members). 

She was partner and projectleader in several European (Erasmus) projects. 


Aventus, Netherlands https://www.aventus.nl/aventus-english

Durk van Wieren

Durk van Wieren is the coordinator for (inter)national projects at Aventus. After finishing his study as an automotive engineer and working in business, he joint Aventus in 1998. Durk is international coordinator for 15 years and has a lot of experience in managing cooperation projects. Durk will be the Aventus coordinator for the VET2Sustain project. 


BBS-Syke, Germany https://www.bbs-syke.de/

Silke Hillermann

Silke Hillermann is the international coordinator of Berufsbildende Schulen in Syke, Germany (BBS Syke Europaschule). After school, Silke has finished her apprenticeship as a Management Assistant in the Industry followed by a Master´s Degree in Economics and Business Administration. She gained business experience not only by working in Germany but also abroad for a couple of years before becoming a teacher. Silke joined BBS Syke Europaschule in 2004 and has been the international coordinator for BBS Syke Europaschule since 2015. She has acquired a lot of experience in many KA1 and KA2 projects and will be the BBS Syke Europaschule´s coordinator for the VET2Sustain project. 

BBZ Dr. Jürgen Ulderup

BBZ Dr. Jürgen Ulderup, Diepholz, Germany https://www.bbz-ulderup.de/

Peter Willenborg

Peter Willenborg is a teacher for Business, Economics and English at the BBZ Dr. J. Ulderup in Diepholz, Germany. In addition, he has been working on Erasmus Projects with European countries for about 10 years. His school was the partner organization in various EU KA1 projects (Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci).  

Peter has a Master´s degree in Business & Economics and Vocational Education and 20 years of experience in VET education. He would like to contribute to WP7 (and WP6).

HWK Hannover

HWK Hannover, Germany  https://www.hwk-hannover.de/

Merla Prietz

Merla is international affairs and mobility counsellor at the Hanover Chamber of Crafts. After studying Romance languages and literature (M.A.) and living in New Zealand and France, Merla worked for an intercultural management consultancy until she joined the Hanover Chamber of Skilled Crafts in 2018. Here, she organises internships abroad for trainees, young skilled workers and trainers and manages international and EU projects. 

Learning Digital

Learning Digital Srl, Italy https://learningdigital.eu/

Carlo Cavicchioli

Senior Expert with over 20 years professional experience on:  Coordination of VET and Higher VET Training Centers. Design of VET programmes. Implementation of applied research on VET and labor market intelligence. Design and implementation of e-learning. Coordination of applied research. Certification of competencies in formal, non formal and informal contexts. 


ENAC, Italy https://www.enac.org/en/erasmusplus/tovet/

Beatrice Dusi

Ms Dusi is responsible for the communication office in ENAC. She holds a bachelor in Communication and a Master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism with a thesis dedicated to Podcasts: ‘From FM Radio to Podcasts in Italy”. She has worked with a variety of projects within the Erasmus+ programme and through that experience she has built up his competences and knowledge in managing project outcomes and dissemination activities. She had the opportunity in several EU projects to deal with media campaigns on social media channel, digital strategy (newsletter, website, and etc) and promotional audio visual material. 

Simona Puggioni

She has a Master Degree in Languages for Tourism and Business Communication, 2 Courses on European projects attended at CCITABEL in Brussels and almost 10 years of experience in EU project management. 

Since 2017 she’s been working in ENAC, mainly as Erasmus+ KA1 projects coordinator, as well as in other projects in the fields of vocational education and training and school education. 

Luca Calligaro

He has a master’s degree in European Studies and 10 years of experience in EU project management. After collecting professional experience as project manager in the social and health care sectors, he has worked since 2015 in research, development and implementation of innovation projects in education and vocational training. He is the Head of Internationalisation in ENAC and has designed and managed several EU projects addressing the following topics: Early School Leaving, Failure in education, Key Competences, New innovative curricula and educational methods, Entrepreneurship education. He also has extensive experience in the development and management of Erasmus+ projects, development and implementation of project outcomes, as well as the organisation of different events – conferences, training courses, information meetings, etc 

email: luca.calligaro@enac.org 

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