Project Objectives

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project Management and Coordination

Leader: Omnia

The objective is to make sure that:

• the project is carried out according to the settled time schedule and budget 

• the project objectives are efficiently achieved 

• an effective coordinated structure is created and maintained 

• the project is managed according to the rules of Erasmus+ framework, maintaining a continuous link with the EC

Work Package 2: Research and analysis of the status of VET in Europe 

Leader: VAASA UAS / Muova


• To research and analyze reasons of the low attractiveness of VET in some European countries to be able to focus on countries and regions mostly affected by prejudices and negative image of VET

• To research and analyze the activities to maintain the high-quality VET and skilled workforce

• To find out the training needs of VET staff linked with the image of VET

• To research and analyze communication and marketing channels used in VET to utilize them to reach stakeholders in Europe 

Work Package 5: Utilising Ai and other virtual opportunities for an inclusive and attractive VET 

Leader: ThingLink & Omnia


• Enhancing the skills and knowledge of workforce and enabling their inclusion in the working life by offering high-quality CVET 

▪ Making sure that also future generations of students are attracted to VET and find it as a number one choice 

▪ Mapping and piloting attractive learning environments utilizing Virtual and Augmented Realities 

Work Package 6: Communication campaign to raise the attractiveness of VET 

Leader: Samiedu & Luovi


The aim is to develop an innovative communication campaign to raise awareness and attractiveness of VET reaching out to potential students, basic education, parents, companies and politicians and decisions makers. By this we want to make stakeholders aware of the fantastic possibilities that VET is providing. We want to change the mindset among young people, basic education staff, parents, companies, and adult learners as well as politicians and policymakers. We also want to increase awareness about the importance of how continuing VET will benefit the competitiveness of companies and workers. 

Work Package 9: Communication and Dissemination

Leader: Brahe


• To ensure smooth communication among the partnership

• To improve the impact of the project at regional, national and international level 

• To disseminate information about the project results to community participants and stakeholders in participating countries and in Europe 

• To ensure the sustainability of the project results in participating organizations and in wider use in Europe 

• To raise the attractiveness of VET 

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